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Psychoeducation and Mental Health Awareness Program

One of MHT Objectives is to providing psychoeducation and mental health awareness.

Why the program: In the communities, there are negative attitudes and perceptions about mental illnesses as well as mental health illiteracy causing high late of stigma. Due to stigma and discrimination, many people suffer in silence and fail to reach their full potential or seek help.

Objective of the program: This program is aiming at creating, designing, establishing, and implementing various community mental health programs and activities to promote community psychoeducation, psychosocial support, and mental health awareness.

Sustainability: The program started in 2019 and in progress


  • The program has been implemented through partnering or being invited in different seminars, workshops, conferences and summits by partners and other stakeholders of which in return impacted thousands of participants
  • Implemented through televisions, radios, published some mental health articles in some newspapers and magazines of which, this has impacted millions of listeners, TV viewers and article readers
  • Implement the program to adolescents and youths in primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities.
  • The organization has provided the opportunities to the interns and field work students offering the chance to participate effectively in promoting and providing mental health services in Tanzania.
  • The social media accounts have been helpful tools in implementing the program. MHT has created and recorded hundreds of audios, videos, and photos all together with mental health contents  
  • MHT has implemented psychoeducation and mental health awareness program through different programs such as: mental health clubs Tanzania, training self-help tool (program tuliza), mental health academy program, mental health forum, mental health broadcasting media program, mental health Tanzania apps, mental health and artwork program, mental health webinar program, mental health outreach program, mental health research and development, mental health assessments & screening services, children, adolescents, youths and mental health program, mental health clinical services,  tele mental health services, advocating, promoting, and supporting various mental healthcare systems in Tanzania, implementing consultations, mentoring, training, and coaching programs, community psychological and psychosocial support, volunteerism, internship, practicum, and fieldwork program  as well as partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations
  • What are the impacts after implementation of the program
  • MHT has implemented this program to millions of Tanzanians.
  • The program has helped educating the community on how to maintain mental health
  • Educated on mental health challenges
  • Provided comprehensive tips and guidelines on how to take care their mental health
  • Explained interventions of mental health conditions and psychological challenges
  • Educated on mental illnesses facing respective communities, symptoms of mental illnesses

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