Programs & Projects

These are programs and Projects you can get involved in working with the organization (MHT).

The organization embraces the culture of volunteerism, Internship, fieldwork, sponsorship, funding, partnership, and venturing, with other stakeholders around the world.

If interested to join one or more of the following programs, please contact us.  MHT works with, mental health practitioners, business partners, donors, mental health advocates, ambassadors, NGOs, agencies, associations, companies, universities, colleges and schools, governments, government departments/sectors, mental health stakeholders, policy makers.

Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) is looking for committed, talented and passionate individuals, companies, NGO, or any agencies willingly to support or work with MHT in the following programs


Mental Health Tanzania Advocacy Program

Advocating, promoting, and supporting Mental healthcare system in Tanzania

This is a program which aims at advocating, promoting, and supporting various mental healthcare systems in Tanzania such as leadership, governance and accountability, mental health policies and ethics, mental health legislation and regulations, multidisciplinary practitioners, mental health investment, mental health access, mental insurance scheme, mental health data and service delivery in Tanzania.

Children, adolescents & Youths Mental Health

Children, adolescents & Youths Mental Health

Since 2019, Mental Health Tanzania (MHT), has been working with children, adolescents and youths in Tanzania, not only who were suffering from mental health and psychological challenges but also for those who needed mental health motivations for their everyday lives.

The program has impacted directly more than 9,000 children, adolescents and youths, since 2019 countrywide. MHT has managed to benefit the beneficiaries through: providing psychosocial support, psychoeducation and mental health awareness among children, adolescents, and youths. Advocating, promoting, and supporting children, adolescents and youths' mental health and wellbeing. Furthermore, MHT has been addressing factors affecting their mental health and causing distress leading to mental health conditions as well as providing holistic mental health services such as psychotherapy, counselling, and guidance to children, adolescents, and youths. This has been done through conducting seminars, workshops and trainings in community settings, schools, colleges and universities or in our offices and clinics.

Project Hope: Wellbeing of the Mind

Project Hope: Wellbeing of the Mind

In July 2019, we launched “Project Hope: Wellbeing of the Mind” in partnership with Holistic Health 101 lead by Ms. Heather Stewart. This program has been sustainable and impacted more than 5,000 children, adolescents and youths around the country. This program has been done through seminars, workshops and trainings.

Mental Health Artwork Program

Mental health artworks

In February to March 2021, Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) conducted competition among drawing artists of which 11 artists participated. Mr David Hezron Nganonga became the finalist of the competition. Mr David and MHT have been since then working together to produce mental health contents related artistic works through drawing (Mental Health Artworks)

The partnership aims at promoting mental health, raising awareness, encourage communities to normalize mental health talks and reduce stigmas through artistic expression. Under the agreement between Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) and David Hezron Nganonga, both parties agree to produce, promote and market mental health contents related artistic works through drawing.

All artworks produced under this contract belongs to both parties. Decision to use the artworks should come from both parties. In case of selling the artwork, the money obtained will be displayed into both parties. However, agreement may be reached by both parties to use 100% of the funds obtained from selling or occasioning the artworks for:

(1) Expanding the production of artworks, (2) Empowering other youths through Mental Health Artworks Program as well as (3) Supporting the victims of mental illnesses.
Please make your order through text/call/ WhatsApp No. +255 742 501 501 or +255 683 551 117 Email address [email protected]

Mental Health Tanzania Sports and Games Program

Sports and Games

MHT, has been always a good stakeholder in involving at sports and games as well as creating comics, memes, artworks at different times to provide psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness in partnership with other stakeholders.
For instance, MHT has participated at MACOOBA event of Mental health awareness focusing on suicide awareness through sport and games-MACCOBA Colour RUN Marathon in Arusha; 26/10/2019. In 2022, MHT Participated in football match of which we raided mental health awareness. Moreover, in partnership with Xtreme Camping and Toyota Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam-2022 MHT facilitated Sports and games to raise mental health and physical activities through sports.

National and International Partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations Program

Partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations

Since 20219, MHT has implemented a number of National and International Partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations in different ways. MHT embraces Partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations strategy to implement the programs, objectives, projects, activities and campaigns of the organization

The organization is experienced with the culture of Partnership and Collaboration, working as teamwork with other mental health stakeholders at national and international level.

MHT works with, mental health practitioners, business partners, donors, mental health advocates, ambassadors, NGOs, agencies, associations, companies, universities, colleges and schools, governments, government departments/sectors, mental health stakeholders, policy makers.
Through this program MHT has managed to sustain mental health and wellbeing of individuals through implementing intervention and preventive measures such as mental health advocacy, promotion, community and psychosocial support, psychoeducation, mental health awareness, research, training, coaching and mentorship programs. Moreover, providing treatments and managements by addressing mental illnesses and psychological challenges through providing psychiatric and clinical mental health services, psychotherapy, counselling and guidance.

Program Academy

Program Academy

Current Status: The program Started October 2019 and in progress
Objective: In schools, colleges, and universities there are limited and absence of mental health services and psychosocial support which contribute to students have negative attitudes and perceptions about mental illnesses and stigma to people who face psychological and mental health challenges. Due to limited and absence of mental health services and psychosocial support number of students drop their studies, suffer in silence, and fail to reach their full potential or seek help.

This program is aiming at providing psychosocial support, psychoeducation and mental health awareness through different methodologies and approaches from their studying environments in order to promote strong society with positive mental health status and increase their studying ability with concentration.

MHT has been implementing the programs using mental health professionals (Psychiatrists, clinical psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors). These professionals have been providing psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness programs.
More than 11000 students in Primary, secondary School, colleges and universities have been trained on psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness. MHT visited different schools in the country and trained through workshops and seminars on how to take care of their mental health.

Mental Health Tanzania Apps


Since September 2019, MHT has deployed two applications named Mental Health Tanzania Apps (MHT App), (One is for all users and another for multidisciplinary practitioner’s team). Introducing MHT App, has been one of the various interventions implemented by Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) to improve the services, including the adoption of mobile phones to report mental health related challenges as well as offering mental health treatment via MHT App. MHT App aims to offer tele mental services such as tele psychotherapy, e-counselling and guidance, Tele-psychosocial support, Tele-psychoeducation, and Tele-mental health awareness.

Mental Health Broadcasting Media Program

Broadcasting Media Program

MHT has been working with more than 30 televisions and radios stations: Through Broadcasting Media Program, MHT has either partnered or worked with televisions and radios as well as published some mental health articles in some newspapers and magazines of which, this has impacted millions of listeners, TV viewers and article readers on psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness and other mental health services.

Mental Health Clubs Tanzania Program

Mental Health Clubs Tanzania

MHT introduced Mental Health Clubs Program in Tanzania and managed to register five clubs and more than 25 new clubs are in the process of being registered in different communities and institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities in Tanzania. The program has helped many youths on psychoeducation, mental health awareness, psychological support and receiving direct mental health services.

Program Tuliza

Program Tuliza

MHT managed to create the program of self-help tool, nicked named as “Programu Tuliza” to help in management of some mental disorders such as Anxiety, Depressive and stress related disorders.

Mental Health Tanzania Forum

Mental Health Tanzania Forum

MHT has introduced another online application for youths and other groups in the communities to share experiences on mental health and seek help, share knowledge and skills, mental health issue’s outbreak in the communities, mental health challenges, etc.

Mental health Tanzania Outreach Program

Mental health Tanzania Outreach

MHT and Outreaches to 17 NGOs, Companies, and other institutions around Mwanza. The outreaches aimed at seeking partnerships, engagements and providing mental health awareness as well as mental health Services to them. Institutions visited include Cheka Sana, Railways Children, Wote Sawa, Haki Zetu, Mikono Yetu, SOS Children Tanzania, St August University, Village of Hope, Bugando Hospital, Youths for Christ, Fadhili Foundation, Education for Better Living, ICAP, Aman Girls Home, Aghakhan Hospital, CDI,

Community Psychological and psychosocial Support Program

Community Psychological and psychosocial Support

MHT has implemented various community mental health programs. MHT has been involved in running activities/events/projects/ programs by integrating mental health services and Non-Communicable Diseases, Gender-Based Violence, HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, and Addiction in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and community settings. This has been implemented through psychoeducation, mental health awareness and mental health services via mental health clubs, workshops, seminars, mental health forums, and online outlets, creating community programs and youth support groups to educate on how to maintain mental health, mental health challenges, and symptoms of mental illnesses; provide comprehensive tips and guidelines on mental health.

Mental health webinar Program

Mental health webinar Program

The use social media and webinar to provide psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness. MHT has Signed Up a good list of social medias accounts such as Instagram, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and telegram of which they have been used to reach millions of individuals using social media since 2019. MHT went live in our social media accounts in different times, conducted different webinars, created, and recorded hundreds of audios, videos, and photos with mental health contents or events done by MHT and upload them in its social media accounts in order to provide psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness as well as promote mental health services. Moreover, this method of the use social media, webinar helped MHT in marketing the organization, reach many people in a short span of time, conducting organization activities online and meetings as well as minimized the cost of running the organization

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Mental Health Tanzania (MHT)

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

MHT aims to build the stand-alone software for general info about MHT, therapy, training, and screening of mental illnesses and psychological challenges using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as make a referral to internal professionals. The software to be called Mental Health Tanzania Chatbot.
This chatbot to be a conversational assistant that allows MHT to communicate with their audiences in a way that is both automatized and personalized, using Kiswahili language and not English.
The chatbot to be used in customer service, answering frequently asked questions, and guiding users through websites and other MHT online platforms etc.
It should provide 24/7 Mental Health Support and to be accessed through Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, normal texts or in MHT web or mobile application etc.

Management Information Technology System

MHT Tech System Depart

Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) aims to implement technology in her everyday life such as saver software, database software, online security etc. MHT Tech System is the system that covers different computer software in the organization such as:
Financial Management Software
Network Management Software
Customer Relationship Management
Asset Management Software.
Project Management Software
People Management Software

The aim of this program is to have a sophisticated technological system for smooth management operations on daily bases as it ensures data storage, secure client information, employs information/details, administrative implementation, oversee timely project progression etc.

Moreover, build the system which can serve as the database of all mental health professionals in Tanzania in their categories. This database to help register all mental health professionals in the system in their categories of psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, occupational therapists, psychiatry nurses, with their education level and location. This will be done through creating a link in all professionals can register, make it available online for anyone to contact a professional whom they like, professionals will register their full name, region, district, and their contacts and they should submit their ID, academic and CV particulars etc.

Mental Health Tanzania Clinics

Mental Health Tanzania Clinics

The clinics provide a rage of Mental health services including but not limited to mental illnesses/psychiatric disorders treatments, substance abuse and addictions, gender-based violence victims, mental health problems among youth, family and couple counselling, psychosocial support, rehabilitation programs, psychological community programs, children, and adults’ psychological assessments and other psychological treatment, interventions, and mental health awareness.

The vision of this project is to deliver sustainable, safe, and quality mental healthcare services in different parts of Tanzania and sustaining the project for years
Among other project benefit include bringing mental health services closer to the patients hence mental health services in Tanzania is limited, raising awareness, and reducing stigma in the communities.

Moreover, the project helps the community to have access to safe, reliable, and quality mental health services especially teen mothers, students, youth, people with disabilities, abused women, girls and boys and other special groups as well as general population in Tanzania. The project started since 2019; the organization is looking for a potential sponsor to keep the project sustainable.