Donate for a purpose to children, adolescents & youths mental health in Tanzania

Since 2019, Mental Health Tanzania (MHT), has been working with children, adolescents and youths in Tanzania, not only who were suffering from mental health and psychological challenges but also for those who needed mental health motivations for their everyday lives. This year, 2024, we continue to focus on the same program. Therefore, we aim to collect at least 100,000 US Dollars to sustain the project.

The program has impacted directly more than 9,000 children, adolescents and youths, since 2019 countrywide. MHT has managed to benefit the beneficiaries through: providing psychosocial support, psychoeducation and mental health awareness among children, adolescents, and youths. Advocating, promoting, and supporting children, adolescents and youths’ mental health and wellbeing. Furthermore, MHT has been addressing factors affecting their mental health and causing distress leading to mental health conditions as well as providing holistic mental health services such as psychotherapy, counselling, and guidance to children, adolescents, and youths. This has been done through conducting seminars, workshops and trainings in community settings, schools, colleges and universities or in our offices and clinics.

The funds will be used in running highlighted activities such as paying psychologists who will attend children, adolescents, and youths for their mental health challenges (psychotherapy, counseling and guidance). More activities to use funds for include but not limited to running different programs, projects, campaigns, activities, engagements, and events such as focus group discussions, workshops, seminars, Webinars, conferences; formation of mental health clubs in schools, colleges and universities; write articles, creating contents; creating comics, memes, artworks, sports, and games for children and adolescents; writing booklets, pamphlets, and brochures with mental health contents.

Moreover, using methodologies such as peer to peer mentorship/ support groups, Physically and online supports groups; Mental health teens programs, forms of problem-solving approaches; Presentation & dialogues; Questions & Answers discussions. Training on #ProgramTuliza; Mental health assessments and screenings; Creating media broadcasting programs. Develop coping strategies and skills such as for relaxation, mindfulness, meditation techniques, managing stress, seeking social support, resilience, self-esteem, belief in their own abilities, reduce emotional and behavioral issues; to list few

MHT has a great dedication to preventing people from undergoing severe mental illnesses and psychological challenges. MHT is asking and requesting people to donate any amount of money or materials (in kind support) to help facilitate free therapy/counselling for Tanzanian children, adolescents, youths, and women, as well as supporting administration expenses, outreach programs, running mental health clubs, operating the office operations, stationaries, constant bill payments, awareness programs, rent for MHT clinics & offices, audit and accountancy fees, report writing fee, yearly fee for associations membership, toll free- hotline program, yearly government fee, capacity building for MHT administration, as well as support volunteers in the organization.