About Us

About Us:


  • Psychoeducation & Mental Health Awareness
  • Community Psychological & Psychosocial Support
  • Research
  • Consultation, Training, coaching& mentorship
  • Advocacy, Promoting & Supporting
  • Mental Health Clinical & Psychiatric Services

Background & Experience: With the prolonged achievements, MHT is rich of experience, hence for years has gone through transformation from movement to initiative to community based organization to finally becoming the leading Mental Healthcare Institution with registration No. 00NGO/R/1234 as a non- governmental (NGO) and not for profit organization in Tanzania registered to operate national-wide (legal status).

Preamble: The establishment of MHT is grounded to the fact of numerous challenges facing mental healthcare systems, thus mental healthcare is unknown model to most of the population unlike to physical healthcare due to limited awareness, services delivery, accessibility, resources, funds, facilities, governance, researches, regulations, policies, data and records.

The consequences of not addressing mental health conditions at early stage, extends to adulthood, impairing both physical and mental health and limiting opportunities to lead fulfilling lives, and finally individuals are dying in the shadow of mental illnesses and psychological challenges.

Beneficiaries: MHT has been working with different groups of people including, children, youths, women, marginalized groups, and all individuals who are not only suffering from mental health conditions and psychological challenges but also people who need mental health motivations for their everyday lives.

Sustainability: MHT attains the objectives through creating, designing, and implementing different programs, projects, campaigns, and activities across the country using available resources, in a voluntary basis, partnerships and sponsorship opportunities.