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Institutional Capacity/ Strengths

  • Historical background and Experiences: Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) started as The Mental Health Movement which existed even some years at least back then 2014, tirelessly advocating and serving individuals on mental health matters in the process of establishing the Mental Health Initiative. In 2018, the Mental Health Initiative was formally promoted and registered as Community-Based Organization (CBO) operating in Mwanza Region with the name of Mental Health Tanzania Organization. In attributing to founder’s exceptional ability in leadership, self-directed, results-oriented and aspiration of advocating and promoting Mental healthcare in Tanzania, in 2020, Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) was upgraded and registered to operating nationwide as Non-Government Organization (NGO), under the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Act of 2002 with registration No. ooNGO/R/1232. This has been transformation of MHT from movement to initiative to CBO to finally become the leading Mental Health Institution in Tanzania. MHT is proudly to be one of the firsts and long-standing mental health organizations in Tanzania.
  • Thematic Area of focus: Therefore, Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) is the leading mental health institution in Tanzania for creating, designing, and implementing programs, projects, campaigns, and activities across the country on mental healthcare. MHT is the institution with the focus on to sustain mental health and wellbeing through intervention and preventive measures as well as implying treatments and managements as of addressing mental illnesses and psychological challenges in Tanzania.
  • Beneficiaries. MHT experience is that has been working with different groups of people including, children, youths, women, marginalized groups, and all individuals who not only were suffering from mental health problems and psychological challenges but also people who needed mental health motivations for their everyday lives.
  • Governance/ organogram structure of MHT: Under the NGO Act of 2002, amended on 2005 & 2019, MHT is obligated to create leadership and runs itself under the governance/ organogram structure of Annual General Meeting (AGM), under leadership of The Board of the Organization, president of the organization (Chairperson), general secretary, treasurer & and administration/management/staffs. For the effectiveness of administration/ management/ staffs, MHT employees Chief Executive Officer (CEO), for everyday organization activities. MHT has committed, passionate, ambitious, experienced, skilled, professionalism and enthusiastic leadership to run the organization.
  • Legal Status: MHT is registered as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and is not for profit; MHT is registered with Reg. Cert No 00NGO/R/1234
  • MHT embraces Partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations strategy to implement the programs, objectives, projects, and activities. The organization is experienced with the culture of Partnership and Collaboration, working as teamwork with other mental health stakeholders. MHT works with, mental health practitioners, business partners, donors/ sponsors, mental health advocates, ambassadors, NGOs, agencies, associations, companies, universities, colleges and schools, governments, government departments/sectors, mental health stakeholders, policy makers.
  • These are our sponsors and partners: MHT has been trusted and been in formal partnerships or worked directly with or funded by some of the following sponsors and partners: TUHEDA, Halima Rajab, Holistic Health 101, St Joseph university, Isamilo International School, St Christina Girl’s School, Barbro Branemark, Brac Maendeleo Tanzania, Faru Tech Limited, Nijuze Magazine, Maisha Bora Management, Afya Passion, Marcus Mwemezi Foundation, MRC-Sober House. Please contact us for more details if interested to Partner, sponsor, or work with us.
  • Volunteerism program: MHT have high volume and active volunteers willingly to volunteer any time needed. MHT has been implementing volunteerism program since 2019. MHT provides the opportunities to be an ambassador, volunteers, internship, and practicum /fieldwork students, from Tanzania as well as any part of the world, offering the chance to participate effectively in helping the Tanzanian community to promote mental health in different ways depending on the interests, passion, education background, and admiration in Mental health. Volunteers have been the backbone of the organization. These volunteers have provided the time, money, energy, experience, skills etc. to implement organization objectives, programs, projects, and activities. Volunteers have been the bridge for the organization to excel, have provided connections and networking for different opportunities. Please contact us for more details if interested in Volunteerism, Internship, practicum, and Fieldwork Program at MHT
  • Availability of multidisciplinary practitioners: Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers etc.
  • Services/Products/ objectives/: MHT is committed to providing:
    i. Preventive & Intervention measures: Mental health awareness, Psychoeducation, Community psychological & Psychosocial support
    ii. Advocating, promoting, and supporting various mental healthcare systems
    iii. Providing treatments and managements thus addressing mental illnesses and psychological challenges (mental and medical approach) through holistic mental health clinical and psychiatric services, screening, assessments and diagnosis, as well as providing psychotherapy, counselling and guidance
    iv. Providing tele mental health services-using online approach and methodologies
    v. Providing consultations, mentoring, training, and coaching programs
    vi. Conducing mental health research and development to becoming a leading centre of excellence in providing essential and up to date on mental healthcare resources in Tanzania
  • MHT has implemented a number of programs, projects, campaigns, and activities across the country on mental healthcare and has achieved a number of milestones including but not limited to:

• Mental Health Clubs Tanzania
• Medical, legal, and mental health Support among GBV Victims
• Training Self-help Tool (Program Tuliza)
• Mental Health Academy Program
• Mental Health Forum
• Mental health Broadcasting Media Program
• Mental Health Tanzania Apps
• Mental health and artwork Program
• Mental health Webinar Program
• Mental Health Outreach Program
• Mental Health Research and Development
• Mental Health and Nutrition Consultancy
• Mental Health Assessments & Screening Services
• Children, Adolescents, Youths and Mental Health
• Providing mental health clinical services
• Proving Tele Mental Health Services
• Advocating, promoting, and supporting various mental healthcare systems in Tanzania
• Implementing consultations, mentoring, training, and coaching programs
• Psychoeducation and Mental Health Awareness
• Community psychological and Psychosocial support
• Volunteerism, Internship, practicum, and Fieldwork Program
• Partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations

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