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Benefits to volunteer at MHT

WHAT DO YOU BENEFIT WHEN you join MHT to volunteer as an ambassador, volunteer, intern, fieldwork students, etc.

For individuals when you join MHT for specific project and program, MHT upon completion on a given time will offer the benefits after every year in the organization.

For others who are generally volunteering in the organization with no specific project/program but specific task a day, a week or short period of time will also benefit differently.

These are some of the benefits

  1. Volunteering improves your physical and mental health as well as fulfill your feelings- it just feels good for your mental health to volunteer.  Studies have shown that volunteering makes people feel physically healthier, manage chronic health conditions and lower stress! In addition to that MHT will offer to you personally, further mental health services when you’re in mental health crisis and need the services.
  2. MHT will provide you with Psychosocial support, Psychoeducation and Mental Health Awareness to enhance your education and, knowledge, skills, capacity building, career development, positive attitudes on seeking mental health services, mental health perceptions, illiteracy, stigma redaction etc.
  3. Volunteering at MHT can give you the opportunity to connect, meet and bring new people into your social network you otherwise wouldn’t get to meet and learn from. This experience can expand your understanding of others who are different from you.
  4. MHT will offer opportunities to attend various events, workshops, seminars, camps, and conferences that are specifically designed and organized by MHT or partners to build your understanding capacity on different mental health education/awareness when available
  5. MHT will offer you priority to various projects and activities coordinated by Mental Health Tanzania or partners as opportunities arise.
  6. Attend various online workshops, trainings, and Webinar, through Google meet, Zoom etc.
  7. Creating long term partnership with MHT.
  8. The institution will involve you in different activities based on your interests and the relevant activities available.
  9. MHT will advertise and tag you and your activities, serv

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