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Every depression solution


Mental Health Tanzania

Every depression solution

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Every depression solution

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    Two Mental Health Tanzania Awards:

    The MHT has awarded two individuals-The Mental Health Tanzania Awards. The 2019 award went to Ms. Winfrida Erasto and the 2020 went to Dr Kuduishe Kisowile and expecting to once again reward for year 2021. This MHT award aims at recognizing individuals who extraordinary show the differences by advocating and helping the community on mental health in Tanzania.


    Two Honorary Memberships:

    MHT has awarded two honorary memberships to Barbro K. Brånemark and Karima Jamil Hirji. MHT Honorary Membership is the highest prestigious award that the Organization (MHT) may award an individual or organization who has made a notable contribution or has been committing to advocating and promoting Mental Health in Tanzania, especially in the organization (MHT)

    About Mental Health Tanzania:

    Mental Health Tanzania has been working with different groups of people including, children, youth, women, marginalized groups, and all individuals who not only were suffering from mental health and psychological challenges but also people who needed mental health motivations for their everyday lives.

    MHT Mission :
    is to support, advocate and promote the community wellbeing and mental health through implementing preventive and intervention measures such as community psychological and psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness as well as providing holistic mental health service such such as psychiatric services, psychotherapy, counselling and guidance through managements, assessments, diagnosis and treatment of mental health related problems and psychological challenges.

    MHT vision :
    is to see every citizen is well-informed on mental health issues, preventive and interventions measures of mental illnesses and psychological challenges as well as gets access to quality and reliable mental health services and psychological support.


    The Team That Makes Everything Happen at Mental Health Tanzania

    Onesmo Petro

    MHT President

    (+255) 683 551 117

    Dr. Philimina Scarion

    Administrative Director

    (+255) 746 779 787

    Bosco Bosco

    General Secretary

    (+255) 759 238 035

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    Patients Are Happy, Cause Proper Mental Care Support

    From July 2019 to December 2021, the organization has grown rapidly and achieved so much based on its objectives, programs, projects and activities. These services have helped the organization to gain skills, knowledge, experience, and professionalism in the mental health industry.

    Our Professional Experiences

    For insurance, the organization has: Provided psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness Provided holistic mental health services Involved in Community Psychological Support Advocating and promoting mental healthcare systems in Tanzania Implemented Training, Coaching & Mentorship programs Involved in Mental Health Research and Development


    Onesmo Petro


    Professional Psychology Therapy Service You Can Choose

    Psychosocial Support

    We provide Psychosocial Support, Psychoeducation, and Mental Health Awareness through mental health clubs, workshops...


    Holistic Mental Health Services

    Interventions of psychological challenges, Diagnosis of Psychiatric disorders, Rehabilitation programs, Mental Health Crisis...


    Community Psychological Support

    MHT implements various community mental health activities, projects, programs, and activities to promote community mental healthcare...


    Training, Coaching & Mentorship

    MHT aims at mentoring, training, and coaching skills development, knowledgeable, and experiences, e.g., Life skills, career choice, self-care skills, coping strategies skills ...


    Advocating and Promoting Mental Healthcare Systems

    MHT committed to advocate on mental healthcare systems in Tanzania by creating, designing, establishing, and improving various community programs, projects ...


    Mental Health Research and Development

    MHT committed on conducting mental health research and become a leading Centre of excellence in providing essential and up to date physical & online publications such as articles, journals, books, magazines ...




    Ambitious, passion, commitments, experience, good leadership skills, and management skills


    Working in professionalism manner in the mental health industry


    The organization has gained skills, knowledge, experience, in specializing and prioritizing mental health services, activities, and programs across the country for years


    of mental illnesses, prevention measures, management, assessments and psychological challenges, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses

    Programu Tuliza


    Frequent Asked Questions

    Mental health refers to a person’s overall psychological well-being and the condition of their mental and emotional state. It encompasses a range of factors, including a person’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and their ability to cope with life’s challenges and stressors.

    Good mental health allows individuals to function effectively in their daily lives, maintain positive relationships, and adapt to changes and setbacks. It involves having a sense of self-worth, feeling emotionally balanced, and having the ability to think clearly and make rational decisions.

    It’s important to note that mental health exists on a spectrum, ranging from thriving mental well-being to severe mental illness. Many people experience mental health challenges at some point in their lives, and seeking support from mental health professionals, such as therapists, counselors, or psychiatrists, can be beneficial in managing and improving mental health.

    There are several options for accessing mental health counseling or support. Here are some common avenues to consider:

    1. Mental health clinics: Many communities have mental health clinics or centers that provide counseling services. These clinics may offer a range of services, including individual therapy, group therapy, and psychiatric assessments. You can search online or contact local health authorities to find out about mental health clinics in your services.

    There isn’t a single, specific group of people who solely focus on mental health. However, there are various professionals and organizations that specialize in mental health and provide support and services in this field. Here are some key groups of people involved in mental health:

    1. Mental health professionals: This includes psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed therapists, counselors, and social workers who have specific training and qualifications to assess and treat mental health conditions. They provide therapy, counseling, diagnosis, and treatment for individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

    Promoting and maintaining good mental health brings numerous advantages and benefits to individuals and society as a whole. Here are some key advantages of prioritizing mental health:

    1. Emotional well-being: Good mental health allows individuals to experience a positive range of emotions, such as happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. It enables them to effectively manage and regulate their emotions, leading to increased overall emotional well-being and resilience.

    2. Improved physical health: Mental health and physical health are interconnected. Taking care of one’s mental health can have a positive impact on physical well-being. Good mental health promotes healthy behaviors such as regular exercise, balanced eating, and sufficient sleep, which contribute to overall physical health.

    3. Enhanced relationships: Positive mental health contributes to healthier and more fulfilling relationships. When individuals have a strong sense of self-worth, emotional stability, and effective communication skills, they can build and maintain healthier connections with others, fostering more satisfying personal and professional relationships.

    Becoming a mental health professional typically involves several steps and requires specific education, training, and licensure. Here are some general steps to consider if you’re interested in pursuing a career in mental health:

    1. Research and choose a mental health field: Mental health encompasses various disciplines, including psychiatry, psychology, counseling, social work, and psychiatric nursing. Research different professions to determine which aligns best with your interests and career goals.

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