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About Mental Health Tanzania (MHT)

What is all About Us ?

Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) is the leading mental healthcare organization in Tanzania, committed in creating, designing and implementing variety of intervention and preventive measures such as mental health awareness, advocacy, community and psychosocial support , training, research and mental health services; whereby these interventions and preventive measures intend to sustaining mental health and wellbeing of individuals as well as  addressing mental health conditions and psychological challenges by implementing different programs, projects, campaigns, and activities across the country.

For more on About Us, click below for further information, hence you will be able to learn  about: 

  • The Two Thematic Area of focuses of MHT
  • Our 6 Specialties/ scope (drives, motives, priorities) of MHT
  • Our vision & mission
  • Historical background of MHT
  • Why MHT was established (Preamble)
  • Our Main Beneficiaries
  • MHT as a forefront, leading organization-setting example in the field of mental healthcare in Tanzania
  • Sustainability of the MHT, etc.


What Drives, Motives Us; Our priorities

1. To sustain mental health and wellbeing of individuals through intervention and preventive measures such as:

  • Advocating, promoting and supporting mental healthcare systems in Tanzania.
  • Providing psychoeducation and mental health awareness
  • Creating mentoring, training, consultations and coaching programs
  • Conducting mental health research to becoming the leading Centre of excellence in providing essential and up to date mental healthcare resources
  • Providing community psychological and Psychosocial support

2. Treatments and managements of mental health conditions and psychological challenges (Mental and medical approach) through:

  • Providing psychotherapy, counselling and guidance
  • Providing holistic mental health clinical and psychiatric services
  • Screening, assessments and diagnosis Services.
  • Offering tele mental health services


  1. About Us  (MHT background, preamble, thematic area, specialties/ scope, vision, mission, beneficiaries, sustainability, etc.)
  2. Our Objectives
  3. Our services and products
  4. Methodologies used to reach our beneficiaries (Scroll down- Home page)
  5. Our achievements and milestones
  6. Institutional capacity/ strengths (Why trust to work, partner or fund us)
  7. Our leadership structure (Authority/ Organogram)
  8. How to be a volunteer, ambassador, internship, practicum, and fieldwork at MHT
  9. What do you benefit when you join MHT
  10. Donate for a Purpose to Support Children, Adolescents & Youths Mental Health in Tanzania
  11. You will also find a quite good number of programs, projects, campaigns, and activities by MHT with their specific names, specific objectives; when started and the progress; methodologies of implementation; number of impacted individuals; short- and long-term plans as well as about the funds allocations.
  12. Get education all about mental health (MHT Online educational Resources)
  13. Mental health news as it happens around the country and global
  14. Different ways to support MHT
  15. If interested to partner, sponsor, or work with us as well as volunteerism, Internship, practicum, and Fieldwork Programs at MHT contact us

Why and how MHT has been successful in reaching millions of beneficiaries (Tanzanians)?

To meet the vision, mission and objectives, we do the following:

MHT to sustain her vision, mission and objectives daily and reach millions of beneficiaries  (Tanzanians) we implement number of programs, projects, campaigns, activities everyday through different SMART methodologies!

The below methodologies aim at/help the organization to:

  • Providing community psychological and psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness
  • Advocating, promoting, and supporting mental healthcare systems,
  • Implementing consultations, mentorships, training, coaching and research programs
  • Providing mental health clinical services through psychotherapy, counselling, guidance, assessments, screening, diagnosis, and tele mental health services.

These are some of the Methodologies we use to reach our beneficiaries monthly: 

  1. We hold mental health training, seminars, workshops, conferences and summits by partnering with other stakeholders monthly of which this methodology helps to meet a good number of participants monthly
  2. We use our available mental health counselling centers and partners around the country to meet our clients demands
  3. We reach a quite a large number of beneficiaries through using televisions and radios sessions as well as writing articles in some newspapers and magazines.
  4. We are always having programs going on in primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities such as mental health clubs, seminars, workshops and other methods of mental health awareness. This is very impactful which helps us to reach many adolescents and youths at once
  5. We publish hundreds of audios, videos, and photos/ posters through social media accounts, blog, podcasts, and website of which in return, we reach a quite good number of beneficiaries everyday.
  6. Using mental health practitioners such as psychiatrists, clinical psychiatrists, counselling psychologists, counsellors, social workers in different programs has helped us to reach many beneficiaries and work professionally
  7.  We embrace partnership, collaboration, venture with other NGOs, agencies, associations, companies, government, partners, and other stakeholders. This method has helped to serve a large number of beneficiaries monthly around the country.
  8. We daily implement programs, projects, campaigns, activities such as Clubs, program Tuliza, program academy, forum, broadcasting, MHT App, artwork, webinar, outreach, sports and games, etc.
  9. Moreover, we use mental health advocates, ambassadors, volunteers, internship, practicum, and fieldwork program to reach different beneficiaries.

Wellbeing of the Mind

You Want Us to offer our Services to You? (B2B &B2C Services)

We can come to you! Which services would you prefer!  Awareness, Training, Counselling, Assessments??

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Why trust MHT? Its because we provide professional services using multidisciplinary practitioners such as Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers etc, based on your need and type of enquiry you request; or else referral is arranged to meet your challenge

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Volunteerism, Internship, practicum, and Fieldwork Programs at MHT

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Program Tuliza-Self Help Tool

for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management

MHT managed to create the program of self-help tool, nicked named as “Programu Tuliza” to help in management of some mental disorders such as Anxiety, Depressive and stress related disorders.

Please DONATE!


Donate for a Purpose to Support Children, Adolescents & Youths Mental Health in Tanzania.

Since 2019, MHT, has been working with children, adolescents and youths in Tanzania. The program has impacted directly more than 9,000 beneficiaries countrywide. MHT has managed to reach a number of beneficiaries through……..

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You want to be part of Mental Health Clubs Tanzania at your Schools, Collages and University?

Mr Hilal Magege- Mental Health Clubs National Coordinator at MHT

MHT has been implementing Mental Health Clubs Program in Tanzania and has been implemented different communities and institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities in Tanzania. The program has helped many youths on psychoeducation, mental health awareness, psychological support and receiving direct mental health services. Should you be interested to to have the MHT Club at your institution please contact us for more information.

You can directly contact Mr Hilal Magege (pictured), the National Coordinator of Mental Health Clubs in Tanzania: +255 655 080 290 or +255627745381

If interested to partner, sponsor, or work with us as well as....

Volunteerism, Internship, practicum, and Fieldwork Programs at MHT

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Our Leadership Structure (Authority)

Organogram of MHT

Mental health Tanzania's Organogram (Authority / Leadership structure) according to NGO Act of 2002, amended in 2005 & 2019 is as follows

Why Choose to work with MHT? Would you trust & partner, sponsor, work or volunteer with MHT? Here is why:


We're rich of experiences as the organization hence, MHT has been transformed from movement to initiative to CBO to finally become the leading Mental Healthcare Institution in Tanzania. Read more bellow:

How to be a Volunteer, Ambassador, Internship, Practicum, and Fieldwork Applicant at MHT?

Be in our Team

How to be a Volunteer, Ambassador, Internship, Practicum, and Fieldwork Applicant at MHT?

Volunteers have been the backbone of the organization

These volunteers are from different educational backgrounds

Volunteers who are coming in the organization to volunteer, don’t have to and/or are not from mental health background or fields

MHT humbly appreciate your presence in the organization, and MHT will forever be grateful

WHAT DO YOU BENEFIT WHEN you join MHT to volunteer as an ambassador, volunteer, intern, fieldwork students, etc. Click to see  and scroll  read below the paragraphs to find some of the benefits of being part of the MHT Team 


This is mainly based for students who are pursuing different programs such as law, IT, Journalist, Psychology, Counselling, Social work, Community development and alike, in Certificate Diploma and degree levels.

Our PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS: How can you get involved, assist or work with MHT?

Our Programs and Projects

If interested to join one or more of the following programs, please contact us.
Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) is looking for committed, talented and passionate individuals, companies, NGO, or any agencies willingly to support or work with MHT in the following programs

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