Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members at Mental Health Tanzania (MHT)

MHT is registered as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and is not for profit; Reg. Cert No 00NGO/R/1234 with the governance/ organogram structure guided by the NGO Act of 2002, amended on 2005 & 2019. Under this Act, MHT is obligated to create leadership and runs itself under the governance of Annual General Meeting (AGM), along with The Board of the Organization as well as President of the organization (Chairperson) assisted by General Secretary, Treasurer and Administration/management/staffs of the organization. For the effectiveness of administration, MHT employees Chief Executive Officer (CEO), for everyday organization activities. MHT has committed, passionate, ambitious, experienced, skilled, professionalism and enthusiastic leadership to run the organization.

For a greater effectiveness and dedications, MHT traditionally embraces extra body to oversee the organization which is Advisory Board. Advisory Board Members are nominated by The Board of the organization of Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) and approved by General Meeting of MHT. This is external advisory committee, and it is a senior advisory board of MHT also known as Board of Advisory.

Some roles and responsibilities include but not limited to how the organization supervise, oversee, and manage the vision, mission, objectives, programs, projects, and activities. Moreover, to advise on the services delivered and partnership with other national and international institutions. To providing technical expertise or advice to specific area within the organization, advising in setting general organization goals. Advising on developing a governance system for the organization’s everyday business. Acting as the main advisor and counsel of the board of the organization as well as the president and his subordinates.

As a member of this board, is required to bring a much-needed perspectives to the work we do at the organization. Their presence in the organization helps to promote the programs we offer in our communities through the relevant mental wellbeing activities. The organization is grateful to these members who are willingly to share their experiences, energy time and their talents for the organization growth.  It is a great pleasure to have them on board as part of the Mental Health Tanzania family. We are always happy to working together in promoting and advocating mental healthcare in Tanzania. Currently, our Board of Advisory members include Hon. Neema Lugangira (MP), Prof Joseph Mbatia, Miss Halima Rajab, Dr Martha Kungu, Mrs Alistidia Kamugisha, Mrs Karima Jamil Hirji

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