Volunteer, Ambassador, Internship, Practicum, Fieldwork

How to be a Volunteer, Ambassador, Internship, Practicum, and Fieldwork Applicant at MHT?

MHT provides the opportunities to be an ambassador, volunteers, internship, and practicum /fieldwork students, from Tanzania as well as any part of the world, offering the chance to participate effectively in helping the Tanzanian community to promote mental health in different ways depending on the interests, passion, education background, and admiration of applicant in Mental healthcare systems.


MHT have high volume and active volunteers willingly to volunteer any time needed. MHT has been implementing volunteerism program since 2019. Volunteers have been the backbone of the organization. These volunteers have provided the time, money, energy, experience, skills etc. to implement organization objectives, programs, projects, and activities. Volunteers have been the bridge for the organization to excel, have provided connections and networking for different opportunities.

MHT has been working with volunteers 100% to implement its programs, objectives, projects, and activities. These volunteers are either from mental health professionals background, mental health recovery, individuals passionate on mental health or from related mental health fields such as social work, sociology, special need education etc. Moreover, some volunteers who are coming in the organization to volunteer, don’t have to and/or are not from mental health background or fields, some have interests and background in technology, environmental issues, engineering, law, and other fields, they have been so helpful in the organization in different organization departments. MHT humbly MHT appreciate your presence in the organization, and MHT will forever be grateful of volunteers.


This is specifically for Degree, Masters and PhD Students who are pursuing their studies in any mental health related field such as Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Counselling, Law, Information Technology, or related field. It is a volunteering-based program. This program is coordinated by mental health professionals or licensed clinicians as the supervisor of the program hence the intern student reports directly to an assigned supervisor.


This is mainly based for students who are pursuing different programs such as law, IT, Journalist, Psychology, Counselling, Social work, Community development and alike, in Certificate Diploma and degree levels.

Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) is looking for committed, talented and passionate individuals, willingly to support or work with MHT as a volunteer, intern, field student in the organization

How can you benefit working with Mental Health Tanzania (MHT)


For individuals who join Mental Health Tanzania (MHT) for specific intensive project and program or internship, MHT will offer the listed benefits upon project/program completion. Moreover, for others who are generally volunteering in the organization with no specific limited time program/project, will gain the same benefits or more after every year in the organization.


  1. Volunteering improves your physical and mental health as well as fulfil your feelings- it just feels good for your mental health to volunteer. Studies have shown that volunteering makes people feel physically healthier, manage chronic health conditions and lower stress! In addition to that MHT will offer to you personally, further mental health services when you’re in mental health crisis and need the services in limited sessions.
  2. MHT will provide you with Psychosocial support, Psychoeducation and Mental Health Awareness to enhance your education and, knowledge, skills, capacity building, career development, positive attitudes on seeking mental health services, mental health perceptions, illiteracy, stigma redaction etc.
  3. Volunteering at MHT can give you the opportunity to connect, meet and bring new people into your social network you otherwise wouldn’t get to meet and learn from. This experience can expand your understanding of others who are different from you.
  4. You will gain exposure, market your professionalism, gain experience, knowledge, and personal skills development. Opportunity to explore more about mental health challenges and all the necessary interventions required.
  5. MHT will offer opportunities to attend various events, workshops, seminars, camps, and conferences that are specifically designed and organized by MHT or partners to build your understanding capacity on different mental health education/awareness when available
  6. MHT will offer you priority to various projects and activities coordinated by Mental Health Tanzania or partners as opportunities arise. A chance to learn in a collaborative way with all staffs as family. A platform to transform what you have theoretically learned into practical based.
  7. Attend various online workshops, trainings, and Webinar, through Google meet, Zoom etc.
  8. Creating long term partnership with MHT.
  9. The institution will involve you in different activities based on your interests and the relevant activities available.
  10. MHT will advertise and tag you and your activities, services, or products (if any and with your consent) through its social networks, as well as in various institutional forums and platforms.
  11. MHT will grant you a Special Certificate for participation after volunteering in the organization, signed by the President of Mental Health Tanzania.


Important Note:

Mental Health Tanzania will grant the chance with a limited number to field and interns to work and participate in all of our ongoing programs BUT will not be in a position of paying back in terms of wages, allowances, or incentives to any means. So, all participants are required to adhere with this and be prepared to incur any costs which will make all the working environment smoothly until finish. Let us all join hands together with all our knowledge, skills, experiences, and abilities to save those in need in mental health Field.